“Fashionist is the longest running street style blog in San Francisco by far. It’s a documentation of what people are wearing in the city. It doesn’t matter the neighborhood or how old or young you are — and it doesn’t really matter if it’s cool or not. Mai’s not about deciding and projecting what is cool. She takes people that she finds and there’s something interesting about them and she puts them up for everyone to see.” -Catie Nienaber, Dronning Vintage, Style reporter for SF Chronicle

Inside Fashionist’s Closet

San Francisco street style photographer Mai Le has been capturing the CIty’s ever-changing style since 2007. The fashion community decided it was time to turn the lens onto Mai and her immaculate wardrobe — jam packed with thrifted gems and designer staples.

A Hairy Experiment

An entrepreneur invites a group of women to test out a new hair device.

New Baker on the Block

Kate Solso has only been baking bread for six weeks. She talks about baking bread like it’s an unknown science in which she is eager to discover. Every week her recipe is tweaked a little, so she hopes this loaf will turn out as good as the last one.

While Odin Sleeps

Lauren Lester designs and makes original jewelry for her business, While Odin Sleeps. Lauren makes a statement necklace featuring quartz she acquired while traveling in Mexico. To see more of Lauren’s one-of-a-kind designs, visit her shop: // Featuring “Bobby” by Young Lagoons

In 2010 I began a personal project for my fashion blog, Fresh Influence.

The following videos are a part of the series called “Closet Tours”


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