How to Be Photographed by Fashionist

For The Bold Italic

Have you ever checked yourself out in a reflection and thought, Damn, I look amazing today, hope someone takes my picture? Do you do laps around Four Barrel just hoping for a photographer to snap a photo of you?

Then you’ve probably fantasized about being featured on Fashionist, the city’s longest-running street style photography blog by local Mai Le. Her photos consist of all types of San Franciscans – not just models and local celebs in designer clothing.

I tagged along with Mai on a street style photography outing to Indie Mart. She stalked the craft fair for some colorful locals to shoot, and along the way she gave me some tips on how to be featured on Fashionist.

Little do most Fashionist readers know, Mai’s style is the perfect combination of bike-friendly and fierce. Take a peek inside her closet in this video. Or find some of her favorite San Francisco shopping spots on this map.

Have you ever been featured on a street style blog before? Which blog is your favorite to follow?



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