Gimme 5: Party Animals, Rivals Unite, The Hall of Shame, and 49ers Playoffs

The Sutro Baths are becoming a hotspot for party animals, and I don’t mean late-night punk rock show-goers raging in its caves. Recently an adorable wittle sea otter burrowed its home in the Baths’ nooks, and this week dolphins were spotting riding the swells near Sutro. (Richmond Blog)

David Chiu was re-elected for his third term as the President of the Board of Supervisors this week. Two female board members, Jane Kim and Malia Cohen, respectively nominated each other as a gesture to empower women of color. But in the end, no one ran up against Chiu and he was re-elected with a unanimous vote. (SFist)

San Francisco Newspaper Company swallowed up another doomed publication. San Francisco’s rival weeklies, SF Weekly and the SF Bay Guardian will now operate under the same roof on Bush Street, which we thought was pretty bizarre. (SF Weekly)


Photo courtesy of Kevin Rushforth

The Hall of Fame was decried the Hall of Shame by San Franciscans on Wednesday when Barry Bonds, who was sure to be a shoe-in for being ranked numero uno in the history of career home runs (762 to be exact) and being the best effing baseball player of my lifetime, was denied a golden ticket. In fact, no players were elected to the Hall of Fame at all. (Bleacher Report)

Maybe you don’t care about football, but San Francisco’s game on Saturday will be quite an epic duel. The Green Bay Packers are rolling into town with their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who grew up as a 49ers fan. Coincidentally, the Niners’ new QB, Colin Kaepernick, has been a Packers fan all his life. Will allegiances hold?



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