Gimme 5: Things to Know Before the End of the World

For The Bold Italic 12/14/2012


Two rainbows stretch across San Francisco sky on December 12, photo courtesy of dvtdl?

Ermahgerd, you survived 12/12/12 and its world-ending double rainbow. Seriously though, get your Mayan facts straight (I’m talking to you, silly Facebook friends). The world is estimated to end December 21st, not the 12th. So you have one more week to hot balloon cross-country, jam with Yoko Ono, and bathe in a tub full of fluffy kittens. The end is coming.

Praise the technology gods for the return of Google Maps on iOS. Not only did I curse Siri for making me miss every freeway exit, some Australian motorists were stranded in the desert because Apple supplied them with a few wrong turns. Go download Google Maps. Now. (NYT)

Crab is finally back on the menu! Dozens of crab boats have been docked this month over a dispute with brokers on the price of Bay Area Dungeness crab. Long story short, the fishermen won! (SF Appeal)


Pepper spraying cop mashup with UC’s new design.

The end of the world motivated University of California to tick off its alumni by redesigning its logo without approval. The UC’s attempt to “shed the light” actually transformed its symbol into a flushing toilet/health care shield. We’re not sure how, but The Atlantic managed to find one person who doesn’t hate the new logo. What do you think?

The New Republic questioned recent trends of aging parents. Apparently women who prefer securing a career before having a family are doing it all wrong because the prime time to procreate is no later than age 25. Now, those who didn’t miss the boat yet are faced with two options: quit your job and get to baby-making, or potential daddies must freeze their eggs ASAP. (Jezebel)



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