Gimme 5: Killing the Moustache, Nude News, Hipster Graves, and the Fate of Giants

For The Bold Italic 12/7/2012

The end of November brings to light a few hygienic, ghostly, Giant, and gay matters for San Franciscans to confront.

First, to all of you Movember champions, know it’ll be okay to say goodbye to the ‘stache. It may have helped you land the seriously hot squeeze you’re currently squeezing, but it’s been a month and if s/he really likes you, s/he will date you with or without the mouth brow. We know it can be hard to say goodbye to your dirt squirrel, but this video has some tips on giving up your moustache.

From February and on, public nudists better keep a hundred dollar bill in their… back pockets? The approved ban on nudity constitutes a $100 fine for public nudity, with exceptions for Bay to Breakers and other street fairs. The ban didn’t sit well with the nudists, who immediately stripped once the ban was approved. We haven’t seen the end of it yet.( SFist)


Photo by Elaine Thompson, AP

Now that nudity is banned in SF and gay marriage has been approved in other states, we wonder when our city will catch up on the progressive route. Thursday night, marriage licenses were passed out to same sex Washingtonian couples. We hope California is next. (The Daily Beast)

Dolores Park-goers may be haunted by the ghosts of hipster’s past, because San Francisco has been hiding a cemetery under the playground. After cemeteries were banned from San Francisco, most were removed by 1937, but Curbed cited that a few graves were left behind in the renovations.

Uh oh, you may need to sell your Brian Wilson Giants’ jersey. Now that Scutaro, Pagan, and Affeldt are signed with a cumulative $78 million, there’s not much of a budget left for a second closer, with Romo as the new top ninth-inning choice. Wilson’s reported to have seven teams interested in his unhittable, bearded pitching. One question remains: Does Wilson want to stay with the Giants? (SF Gate)



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