Gimme 5: Gossip to Bring Home for the Holidays

For The Bold Italic 12/21/2012

If eagles could save Frodo and Sam from an erupting volcano, why couldn’t they pick up a toddlers sitting in a park? Because this isn’t Middle Earth! Damn you Canadian fools, stop farting around on the internet! (Daily News)

Real talk – the end of the world isn’t coming. Even Maya experts know it’s phony. So why are 10 percent of Americans still fearing the end? “…In our culture, too, or maybe globally – humans like to come up with excuses, sometimes, just to freak out.” Either way, a little end of the world partying tonight won’t hurt. (NPR)


Courtesy of NBC Universal, Inc.

Now that everyone is going to be alive next week, we’re all booking flights home for the holidays. Beware. SFAppeal reports there will be more than 2 million travelers passing through SFO between now and January 6. If that wasn’t bad enough, San Francisco is expecting rain delays this weekend. Better pack a neck pillow.

A study has suggested that squeezing breasts can prevent cancer. We don’t know the scientific specifics, but it’s something about stimulating cells to keep them healthy. So ladies, now you have an obligation to get a little frisky in the shower every so often. (MSN)

When Instagram announced its new privacy policies earlier this week, people freaked the fuck out. Folks were worried that their photos would be used in ads without their permission. In the midst of people sharpening their pitchforks and lighting torches, Instagram realized its folly and took it all back. What we wonder is how many of ya’all shut down your accounts in the hubbub (and how many re-opened them shortly afterwards?).



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