Photos: World Series Champ Celebration in the Mission

For The Bold Italic

In case you didn’t hear the parties and fireworks raging across the city last night, San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champions of 2012.

After Romo’s final strikeout against Miguel Cabrera (Who struck out looking! Sucker!), my boyfriend sabered a bottle of champagne and we drank alongside the World Series Champs on the television screen. We then walked down my quiet street and saw a subtle celebration in my neighbor’s window … and then heard the roars from below Bernal Hill beginning to rise as we descended into the Mission.


As soon as we trotted down the hill and to El Rio, the streets were packed with ghost-ridin’ cars and San Franciscans sweeping the streets with brooms. There were pups dressed in Giant’s gear, sleeping children wrapped in Giants blankets, and broken bottles lining the streets (luckily, there were plenty of brooms handy to sweep up shattered glass). Fireworks lit up the Mission district, and then fires began to blaze.


As soon as the riot police hustled past my gang and the motorcycle police finished their coffees, we thought it was time to head to safety in our quiet little pocket of Bernal Heights.


All photos by Erin Browner



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