TIMF Day Two: Butterflies, Crowd Surfing, High Fives, Sunsets, and a Whole Lot of Epic

For The Bold Italic

Treasure Island transformed into a wonderful world on the day of the Sabbath. As soon as the masses arrived, each couplet and bunch of buddies plotted a blanket in the grass and lounge-listened all day, aside from the hardcore indie music fans shoving to the front of of the stage for bands like Ty Segall, Youth Lagoon, Divine Fits, and M83.





San Francisco’s Ty Segall never disappoints with his exponential amount of energy on stage and kooky song intros like “This song is about taking acid on Bernal Hill.” Man, he’s a gem. Ty’s energy fused through the crowd to ignite a friendly mosh pit of college kids shoving around, grinning, and even crowd surfing. Classic.

By the way, make sure to catch Ty’s performance on Conan O’Brien late night Tuesday.


Holy cheese and rice! Our Mission burrito mascot, the Bold Burrito, made an appearance at TIMF too. B was running around the island, handing out high fives and photo opps like nobody’s business. Check out more photos of you, your friends, and a bunch of other weirdos with this lovable pile of beans on Facebook.



Youth Lagoon delivered a capturing set. Listening to their bedroom beats made us feel high on life. Judging by the haze above the crowd, we imagine the duo’s many viewers were feeling something similar. To top it off, a monarch butterfly fluttered above the crowd as Trevor Powers and his beloved curls (come on, is that a perm?) cooed us into the island’s musical abyss.


The most magical moment during Treasure Island day two must have been Divine Fits‘ time on stage. This supergroup made up of members of bands like Spoon, Wolf Parade, and Handsome Furs had high expectations from the crowd (The dude is in Spoon!). If their contagious beats and dance party vibes didn’t win over newbs to the band, the epic sunset backdrop absolutely did.




Then, just when it was getting pretty chilly and we really had to pee, the sky lit up. Enfolded in a barrier of smoke and flashing lights, three figures mounted the Bridge Stage. Fans climbed on friends’ shoulders and hands were raised in the air for the French sensation that is M83. The roars of applause must have been heard from the piers, if not from the heavens.

Thanks again to Treasure Island Music Festival for having us, and to Photobooth for snapping some rad Polaroids of our readers. Check out more photos on our Instagram and Facebook.

Also, do us a favor, please! We did miss one treat: a ride on the Ferris wheel. Tweet your Treasure Island Ferris wheel ride photos to @thebolditalic and we’ll share them with our readers!

All photos by Erin Conger



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