TIMF Day One: Grimes, Dinosaur Disco, Toro y Moi, Photobooth, Tycho


Okay, we’re not even sure what happened during Treasure Island day one. Talent on stage ranged from the goth version of Cher Horowitz to hip hop’s own father time. What could it-girl Grimes and Public Enemy‘s Flavor Flav have in common other than playing Treasure Island Music Festival today? Absolutely nothing.

The highlights of the day really depend on what generation visitors belonged to. The crowds’ young hots stormed the Tunnel Stage with plenty of time to watch a blossoming set up floral arrangements (courtesy of local DJs Elite Gymnastics and Myth, dressed in neon, skeleton-like bodysuits) before Grimes took the stage.



Grimes, in a mesh, hooded jacket and platform creepers, pumped infectious beats through the teenybopper crowd, who cradled the songs like “Genesis” and “Oblivion” with woos and whoops. Even at rough points where Grimes fumbled with a tangle of wires, the crowd screamed fanatic phrases like, “I love you,” “You’re my biggest girl crush,” and “Take me with you!”



Some took one look at the Grimes’ skeleton ladies and formed a conga-line straight to the silent disco instead. Others had the same plan when Public Enemy took the stage. The dance party and its effective headphones were a prime option for slipping out of island fever and into a whole different world of music. Sights spotted in the silent disco include: a pug tee shirt, golden stop sign, dinosaurs, and “the running man” dance move (TIMF day two-goers take note, the silent disco is not to be missed).




Toro y Moi set a wave of chill among his thousands of viewers, who granted much love and attention to his set. The 25 year-old sensation recently left his home in South Carolina to plot a spot in our 49 square miles. Smart move, Chazwick. The musician’s love for San Francisco combined with the sunset, the city’s skyline, and a few palm trees really set the mood for some relaxed island chillin’.


The sunset was so epic in fact, that it was photo o’clock. PhotoboothSF is hanging out in our tent this year, taking rad black and white prints of the friendly faces who swing by our spot. The TBI reader above swapped shooting stories before snapping this photo of a photo (of a photo? We’re confused…). Day two attendees: come say hello (we’re right across from the Ferris wheel) so our friends at Photobooth can send you home with a Treasure Island 2012 keepsake.


Just in time to tuck us away into chillwave heaven was Tycho‘s set. This man is a triple threat. Scott Hansen reclines at the intersection of art, music, and design. In music performance, he is Tycho. His electronic lullabies are a modern man’s sweet dreams. In the design realm, Scott is known as ISO50, who creates the visual element of music. His designs were projected on the massive Tunnel Stage to create an underwater exhibition of surfing the chill wave. We adore Tycho, err… Scott Hansen, for connecting music, design, art, and fashion into one whole bag of San Francisco culture. Kudos, dude.


What about the monumental Ferris wheel ride, you ask? We’re reserving that romantic getaway for today, preferably during Best Coast‘s sunset performance. See you on the island!

All photos by Erin Conger



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