Be Witty and Political, Then Dine Like the President


A dish worthy of Obama, prepared by Chef Romero. Photo courtesy of Credo

When Barack Obama visited San Francisco this summer, he didn’t seek out fancy spots in Marin or dine at Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s mansion in Pac Heights. The President ate the food of the people. Obama and his guests were served by the hands of our own Credo Restaurant’s chef, Gustavo Romero Veytia. Now you have the chance to dine like the President.

Credo is holding a contest for the best “I believe” quotes about the race between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. The 10 winning quotes will find a home on a scaled-down version of Credo’s signature wall panels, hung in a place of prominence inside the restaurant.

Get this – the first place winner will receive a dinner for six prepared by the same man who prepares dishes for THE PRESIDENT, Chef Gustavo Romero Veytia, or in-office catering for 10 if you are a workaholic. Nine runners-up will receive gift certificates to the restaurant for $25.00.

Not sure what to write? I’ll get you started: I believe the First Lady’s modern mani is totally inspiring, but it should not be the most e-mailed story after Bill Clinton’s outstanding speech.



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