Gimme 5: What’s Aflutter on the Blogospheres

Cindy copycats, barbecued quail, tracks of dust, and double rainbows have prevented us from catching up after the three-day weekend. Here’s what we can’t stop gawking over this week.

If anyone has the balls to re-enact Cindy Sherman’s iconic portraits, it would be the drag queens of San Francisco. Local celebs Fauxnique, Boy Child, Lil Miss Hot Mess, and Lady Bear add personal flavor to their copycats. (Guardian)

The SF Zine Fest has come and gone again this year, but we couldn’t help sharing Brian Herrick’s Craigslist comic around the office. Imagine how awesome Craigslist would be if all posts were illustrated. (Uptown Almanac)

A new barbie joint is due to open November in the Mission. Barbecuing expert Ryan Ostler will be serving quail straight out of Hi Lo BBQ’s massive smoker. If this spot has Maverick’s vibes and Hog & Rocks’ drinks, it will be the ultimate BBQ getaway. (Eater)

Burners returned to the grind this week but remnants of Burning Man are leaving a stink around the city. Dusty school buses loaded with bicycles decorated in fur and ribbons are reclaiming city parking spots, and frankly, washing the grime away will cost these burners an extra penny. (Haighteration)

Oh by the way, photos of the double rainbow last night probably clogged your Instagram feeds, but these epic photos are stellar enough to take a second glance. (SFist)



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