A Chill Park to Visit During Indian Summer


The madhouse that is Dolo on Labor Day weekend, photo by Gil Riego Junior

Like most party people, I measure my year by holidays. There’s 68 days until the next three-day weekend.

San Franciscans have one thing to look forward to every day for the next month or two: Indian summer. It’s the best time to play hooky because the weather is just too nice to refuse.

Most people claim Dolores Park is the best remedy for the Indian summer itch. But when I chilled at Dolo during Labor Day weekend, it was a madhouse. I guess the abundance of edibles for sale, dogs madly running circles around everyone, and Marina folks drunkenly dancing for an audience gives you five-star entertainment, but it also gives you a fucking headache.

Sure, there are heatwave days worthy of a Dolores Park headache, days you want to get shwasted instead of going to work. But for every other sunny day devoted to reading 50 Shades of Grey undisturbed, packing a romantic picnic, or playing croquet with your posse, try Precita Park.

324988_10100489364481483_3119369_oThese kids at Precita Park prove croquet never went out of style. Photo courtesy of Nicole Browner.

Precita Park on Folsom (past Cesar Chavez) is underrated. Sometimes I walk down there and wonder why it’s not packed like Dolo probably is that same day. Perhaps it’s not in the center of the Mission, but this tiny park is going places. The park hosts outdoor movie nights. There’s three cafes surrounding the block of grass, including Precita Park Cafe that just opened in December. All three spots offer food, refreshments, and usually trust non-customers to use the bathrooms.

Precita has got it all: a playground for kids and secluded park benches for napping homeless and quick drug transactions. Drum circles are minimal, visitors are clothed, and sometimes there are jumpy birthday parties to crash. But please, be respectful. There is a school across the street, so if you planning on rolling deep with a hooky crew high on… life – your posse should stick to Dolo.



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