SFMoma’s Walls of Fake Boobs and Framed Sketches

Untitled Film Still #14, 1978 © Cindy Sherman, aperature.org

The Cindy Sherman exhibit has been populating SFMOMA’s walls for six weeks, but I finally moseyed over last weekend to take a look. At least half of San Francisco (if not the world) will agree with me when I say photographer Cindy Sherman’s satirical commentaries on pop culture using faux breasts, clown paint, and fake body hair were groundbreaking. What really struck me was her early work. The femme fatale black and whites published in the late ’70s gave me an instant girl crush on Cindy; I couldn’t help bring home a postcard of her posing in lingerie from the gift shop.

Another notable (and photographable) find in SFMOMA is the installation by renowned SF street artist Barry McGee. This mixed media piece Untitled from 1996, really blew me away. There’s nothing like the simplicity of sketches and doodles on paper bags and faded sketch paper to grab my eye. The retro photographs also give this piece the sweet scent of nostalgia.



Although frames aren’t the most impressive element of this piece of art,  I couldn’t help but wonder how long it took to acquire so many thrifted frames with consistent style and neutral colors. Barry McGee, how about a DIY video for your fans in San Francisco?

The Cindy Sherman exhibition is in town until October 8th.

Photos by Erin Browner



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