Woody Spotting in SF

For The Bold Italic

Jack White’s surprise set with Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello near the Outside Lands food trucks sounds pretty epic. But what had me all aflutter this weekend were the Woody Allen spottings around San Francisco.

News that Woody’s newest, nameless film is being shot in this fair city has merely been word-of-mouth until this weekend, when my Twitter and Instagram feeds blew up with snippets about a man in khakis and thick-rimmed glasses. Turns out Woody began shooting last week, starting in Belvedere on Monday, then Marin, Tiburon, and finally – in SF this weekend.

On Wednesday, he was said to have dinner with his family at Cotogna in the FiDi (totally eating there soon so I can feast like an A-lister), and was reported via Facebook to doze off a little while dining. Cute.

I died a little inside when I found out I missed seeing Cate Blanchett lookin’ real babe-ly wearing a pencil skirt and cardi in Union Square (could they just be filming a J. Crew commercial?). Turns out Woody gathered such a crowd, that many tweeted frustrations about being late to work. How about an “I’m sorry,” Woody? Oh, and check out these pictures of people taking pictures of Woody. So meta.

Here are some grand ol’ San Franciscan commentaries to go with sightings of the eccentric filmmaker (click the photo to see original tweet).


I hope Woody’s filming in SF has only begun. There’s nothing like the idea of running into Cate Blanchett or Louis C.K. in my neighborhood. Keep us updated with your Woody sightings on the Tweetosphere and Instagram.



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