The Way Out! Cafe Knocks My Socks Off

for The Bold Italic


The Way Out! Cafe  recently opened up in Outer Mission in the middle of April. I’m diggin’ this groovy coffee shop on the corner of Mission and Valencia. There are numerous reasons that I’ve deemed it my new haunt, but I’m going to stick with the top five reasons that the Way Out! Cafe knock my socks off.

5. What a great location! Usually I’m trekking to Outer Mission for dinner at Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack or late-night veggie tacos at Taqueria Cancun. But the Way Out! Cafe has finally given me a reason to venture to this neck of the woods in broad daylight.


4. Way Out! has got the usual morning time snacks like pastries and sandwiches, in addition to coffee, chai lattes, and the Way Out! iced coffee special (for the sweet-seekers). But hold your horses, they’ve also got a massive juicing machine. I think I’ve finally found my remedy for caffeine addiction.


3. It’s only the first month and the owner Debbie Horn, has already put up tons of art. Not only does she have awesome SF trinkets like old clippings from an Alcatraz warden’s journal, but she is swapping out locally-created art every month. Her pal Galine Tumasova had some pop culture pieces the day I popped in.

2. Waffle Parties every Sunday morning. Need I say more? Get there early; last time the line went way out the door.


1. There is an insanely cool story behind this corner cafe. The owner, Debbie, is a go-go singin’ gal who loves all that is San Francisco. Maybe that’s why she snuggles up to her boyfriend, Greg, at night– he’s a San Francisco musician. Greg (also known as Waffle Boy in the cafe), played in a garage punk band called Supercharger in the ’90s. Debbie borrowed some of the art from the group’s album, Supercharger goes way out!, for the cafe’s sign. Also, Debbie and her bandmates of the Go-Going-Gone Girls, hope to break in her new space and play a show at the cafe. Way out!

Into garage punk? Check out Supercharger, the Way Out! Cafe’s mascot:



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