SF Sexpert on TV Tonight

For The Bold Italic

“Is ‘manjuice’ one word or two?” was one of my first questions for Emily Morse of Sex With Emily, the relationships podcast based in San Francisco. I was the newest intern writing a blog post about pineapple juice remedies for men with complaining girlfriends and wives. I won’t get into the details, but I will say that Emily had an answer for me (it was two words). She always does.

During my year of working with Emily, I realized that she had answers to some of the biggest questions that women and men have: “Am I good enough? What’s wrong with me? Is that weird?” Every time Emily came back with her ever-steady positive vibes and helped you see the even bigger picture: “Does that make you happy?”

Of course her answers would accompany advice for women to communicate in bed, and for men to make eye contact with ladies at bars. Emily was so successful in her advice, in fact, that Bravo TV recruited her for one of their newest TV shows, Miss Advised.

I’ve seen the sneak peeks, and I must say, I am extremely skeptical of “reality” TV and how they might portray Emily. She may be 40-ish, single, and giving relationship advice, but her relationship status should not disclaim her expert advice.

Emilymorse3Emily and her interns at TIMF, photo courtesy of Sex With Emily

Emily’s helped hundreds, maybe thousands of couples and singles looking for love. As an intern, I would read thank-you notes from young people listening to Sex With Emily in Afghanistan, the Peace Corps, and Ghana. Couples would listen to her radio show while driving for hours in the car and that alone would open them up to talk about their relationship.

Emilymorse1Photo courtesy of Sex With Emily

Emily actually got her start in San Francisco as a campaign aide for Senator Barbara Boxer and former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown. She directed a documentary about the notorious mayoral race in San Francisco. Straight up – Emily is bad ass.

Here’s the preview, “Those Who Can’t Do, Advise.”


Watch for her tonight on Miss Advised, which debuts tonight at 10 p.m. on Bravo. Besides learning more about Emily, who doesn’t love turning on the television and seeing our streets on the screen?



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