Moving Photos of SF Hit the iPhone on Cinemagram

For The Bold Italic

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so what is a moving picture worth? Maybe two thousand words? Or a couple of bucks?

This new iPhone app creates moving pictures and it doesn’t cost a penny. Here’s how it works: record a short video within the app and select an area of the image to continuously play. Add a filter (or don’t), preview your masterpiece, and click “done” to publish.

Take this photo of firecrackers in Chinatown, for example. The user captured a three-second video, then selected the smoking ‘crackers portion of picture to move. Cinemagram did its magic, and viola – a moving picture.

I’ve found the most beautiful (and popular) ‘grams reveal a subtle movement within the image, like blowing grass or passing clouds. But backflips are getting trendy too, especially ones that appear to leave half of the subject’s body at the starting point.

The app itself works a lot like Instagram, where you can follow users to create a friends feed, or browse by what’s popular, or by hashtag.

Since its launch in March, Cinemagram has attracted more than two million users. So now it’s one of the fastest growing photo-sharing platforms upon launch, according to CNBC.

Latest word on the interwebs is that Cinemagram’s co-founder, Temo Chalasani, is working the streets of San Francisco for a little bit of fundraising. If you check out Temo’s Cinemagram feed, you’ll find lots of “cines” with a flash dance mob outside of SFO.

Here’s one tip from personal experience: try to keep your phone as still as possible while recording, or else your still photo won’t align with the moving portion.

Happy Cinemagramming.



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