Live Review, 4/19/12: Wild Beasts Sound Like Sex Onstage at The Independent

 Live Review, 4/19/12: Wild Beasts Sound Like Sex Onstage at The Independent 

Erin Browner
Wild Beasts at The Independent

Wild Beasts


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Independent

Better than: Break-up sex.

Last night at the Independent, Superhumanoids and Wild Beasts sent the crowd to bed after the sexiest performance San Francisco has seen since Pulp’s performance of “Common People” on Tuesday.

Erin Browner
Superhumanoids at The Independent

The L.A.-based Superhumanoids say they play music to help kiss the doldrums away. After the foursome’s poppy, sexy-cool set, there were no audience members left wallowing in their sorrows.

In fact, there was a small portion of the crowd dancing at the foot of the stage, some of whom were clearly not wasted. Have Superhumanoids finally revived shameless dancing at San Francisco indie-pop performances? We hope so.

For quite some time, the stage remained empty while one man tested the sound of every instrument of the dozen musical mechanisms on stage and taped down five crisply printed set lists to the floor.

After the meticulous 20-minute setup, the five members of Wild Beasts descended on the dark stage to an introduction melody. This tune and the first song played were only foreplay, because this band is basically sex on stage. Every other song this they play is about or somehow related to sex. The crowd went wild when Wild Beasts played “We Still Got the Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues”:

“Trousers and blouses make excellent sheets/ Down dimly lit streets/ Why should we feel bad for what we’ve done?/ We still got the taste dancin’ on our tongues”

Erin Browner
Wild Beasts at The Independent

It doesn’t help much that every member of the band is a total babe (including the only female member, who plays keyboards), or that performing music is unavoidably similar to doing the dirty deed. I might have witnessed at least five orgasms among the audience.

But Wild Beasts does not make trashy sex music– they are completely chivalrous.

Erin Browner
Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts

“You’re a candied queen/ So let me show you what that means,” Tom Fleming sang with the deep boom during “All the King’s Men.” His presence onstage was the most notable, as he kept throwing his head down during each thrust of bass and gently cradled the microphone as if it were the face of the woman he was making love to.

Erin Browner
Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts

The second lead singer, Hayden Thorpe, was Fleming’s opposite. He softly swayed back and forth as he sang in his falsetto to the mesmerized crowd — dreamy-eyed and ready to crawl to bed with a partner.

Critic’s Notebook

Bedtime tunes: Wild Beasts should only be played during sleep overs.

The crowd: Wild Beasts were celebrating a birthday last night, so a member of the crowd graciously threw a bud of weed on stage — as a birthday gift.

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