Five Giant Snacks New to AT&T Park This Season

Five Giant Snacks New to AT&T Park This Season

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Giants opening day is only a week away, and as much as we adore our World Series champions, we can’t help but wish the food in the stands was as good as the action on the field.

This year that might finally be happening. Crave-able additions to the AT&T Park menu include a veggie frankfurter, beef brisket, and corned beef sandwiches. Here’s the heavy hitting highlights of the new Giant snacks.

Erin Browner
Sweet potato fries at Murphy’s Pub

5. Curry dusted sweet potato fries served at Murph’s Pub: Obviously the sweet potato version of fries could never replace baseball’s infamous garlic fries, but we appreciate the healthier (and less stinky) option.

Erin Browner
Bon Appetit’s beef tostada

4. Bon Appetit’s beef, chicken, and pork tostadas: Season ticket holders and the box seat crowd are free to roam the club level, where Bon Appetit caters. BA offers grilled veggies and other posh appetizers, but these tostadas are exceptionally fresh. Try to sneak into club level for a bite.

Erin Browner
Anchor Steam Plaza behind the bleachers

3. Anchor Brewery Kiosk with Liberty Ale, Old Foghorn, Summer Ale, and a Junipero gin and tonic: Okay, so beer isn’t a snack — it’s a staple. But fans are always thirsty for a wider variety of brews. Thank goodness Portero Hill’s Anchor Brewery has set up camp behind the bleacher seats.

Erin Browner
American Lamb’s sausages

2. American Lamb‘s sausage sandwiches and burgers: Lamb has crossed into all-American casual as it’s wrapped in hotdog buns and served at California Cookouts, Anchor Grill, and Derby Grill, available on all levels.

Erin Browner
Ghirardellii’s s’mores sandwich

1. Ghirardelli’s s’mores sandwich— Thick bread smeared with salted butter and toasted to a crisp enfolds the goopy goodness of melted Ghiradelli chocolate dripping over mouth-sized marshmallows. It’s delectable, too big to bite, and too rich to miss.

Read more about changes to AT&T Park on our news blog.

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