Giants Spring Training: A San Franciscan’s Guide via Google Maps

Giants Spring Training: A San Franciscan’s Guide via Google Maps

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The fact that Buster Posey is off the disabled list gives Giants fans even more reason to flock to Arizona for spring training this weekend. Simply put: Everyone is eager to see their favorite Giants catcher back in action after his painful knee injury derailed him last May.

Let’s face it, a jump start on Giants baseball is one of the only good reasons San Franciscans should venture that far south. But traveling to Arizona can be confusing and frustrating, and not just because of the not-so-warm welcome you can expect to receive.

Such unfriendliness, combined with the miles of flat land (no ocean or hills to help navigate), is why we suggest that you make a comprehensive plan for your journey to the Grand Canyon state.

And while some of the French might bemoan Google of late, we are damn glad to have it for our trip to spring training.

Google Maps allows users to create customized maps: Travelers can pin destinations and important points for the vacation,
create a caravan route, and share it with friends. It’s the essential
trip-planner for any San Franciscan, especially one that may die of heat
exhaustion after spending the day in the stadium — desperate for happy
hour or chunks of avocado buried in a burrito (As previously noted, Arizona is a whole
different world, one that’s foreign to the value of avocado).

But if you don’t have time to create a customized Google Map because
you’re leaving today to catch the Giants play the Diamondbacks tomorrow, don’t worry — we did it for you.

These are pins on our Giants Spring Training Google Map:

    • Scottsdale Stadium: Check out a video that got us stoked for the return of baseball season


  • Old Town Whiskey Bar: The closest bar to the stadium with happy hour. They have delicious burgers, too.



  • The 72 Bus Stop: Arizona’s public transportation system is a little whack compared to San Francisco’s, yet their state laws on drunk driving are even more radical than ours. So we recommend you just take the bus and deal with it. This line takes about 30 minutes to get from the stadium to Tempe’s Mill Avenue.





  • Jackrabbit Lounge: This nightclub never charges party girls a cover, needless to say it’s a great place to party.


Also check out Scottsdale Stadium in 3-D to scope the spot for your seats, or try street view to familiarize yourself with the entrance you and your friends will meet.

Whatever you do, take a picture if you see any fans sporting the new Giants
high heels
and send those photos our way.

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