Reason to Hope for More Reno 911: Five Highlights of Sketchfest Comedy Nightlife – The Exhibitionist, 01/27/12

Reason to Hope for More Reno 911: Five Highlights of Sketchfest Comedy Nightlife – San Francisco Art – The Exhibitionist.

Comedians stood in front of hundreds of guests for Sketchfest Comedy Nightlife at the Academy of Science. “Where are my nerds?” one hollered, which was just one of the many punches thrown at nerds for attending a nighttime event at a museum. The crowd loved it.

Here’s what you missed.

5. Chocolate Layer Cake. The unfunniest part of the night was this godly, decadent slice of immaculate richness. Served in the dessert counter of the cafeteria next to puny yogurt parfaits, this beast of a slice was the perfect mix of dark chocolate and sour cream.

Erin Browner
Josh Gondelman dressed as “sad Where’s Waldo.”

4. Josh Gondelman‘s pre-school politics. The NYC comedian confessed he left his job as a pre-school teacher because it was “depressing.” He says he explained Massachusetts’ legalization of gay marriage
to his young students, and pointed out that three-year-old boys might like being able to marry their best friends and avoid cooties. “It would be like a never-ending sleepover. We could play with trucks until midnight.”

Erin Browner
SF comedian Will Franken as a “bad mom.”

3. “Bad Mom Impression.” 
Will Franken of SF stuck out his belly to impersonate a pregnant women, then smoked his pretend cigarette. Pregnant Franken then snarled at the sight of his belly, began punching it, and yelled “Get out! Get out! Get out!”

Erin Browner
Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant confess to their nerdy youths.

2. Strip Tease.
After minutes of lunging frozen on stage, Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant of Reno 911 dramatically broke their pose to accept applause. Lennon then proceeded to strip off his sweater while engulfed in the roaring crowd. After he got his sweater off, he hesitated, then kept his shirt on. He later confessed that was a mistake.

MasterChief JohnJames.jpg
Lennon’s inspiration for Lt. Jim Dangle in Reno 911 was Master Chief John James Urgayle.

1. The Future of Reno 911.
 During Lennon and Garant’s discussion with James Reichmuth in the African Hall, the comedians admitted to being super nerdy growing up. (Lennon aspired to perform in Hamlet in SoHo and Garant wore green hair and a purple suit). With ten minutes left, Reichmuth asked the question hundreds of people were wondering: Will there be another season of Reno 911?

“Netflix made an offer,” Lennon said. “I don’t know if we’ll do it.”
Garant explained between all of producers and owners of the show, “It would be a legal clusterfuck [to bring it back].”
Lennon said it would hurt his balls too much to shoot another season, then admitted his inspiration for Lieutenant Jim Dangle was Viggo Mortensen’s character in G.I. Jane.


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